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´You Create Your Own Reality´ - Seth

Welcome to the European branch of the Seth Education Foundation.

Aerial Forest

The Foundation

E--enlightenment inspires

The extended meaning of each letter is suggested by the predecessors who have studied the soul for many years and engaged in translation.

▌ Origin

The New Age Seth Education Foundation was formally established in Taichung City, Taiwan on March 7, 2008. It actively promotes the whole-body education program based on the Seth Mind Method, and deeply implants the whole health concept of Seth Body and Mind. In order to help people of all ages awaken the self-sufficient life essence of love, wisdom, compassion, creativity and potential, and live a life of balance and healthy body, mind, and soul.


What we do and stand for:

  •  Lecture on Holistic Health of Body and Mind

  • Spiritual Growth Courses and Workshops

  • Individual spiritual counseling

  • Patient and family support growth group

  • Hualien Seth Village Body and Mind Healing Growth Community in Taiwan

  • SethTV SethTV Public Welfare Network TV Station, 24 hours of borderless learning worldwide (in Chinese)


Affirm life, cherish the environment, and promote society to a new era in which the soul is universally opened and improved.


  The balance of body and mind is the key to creating healthy joy; the power of thought determines the direction of life.

  The Seth Body and Mind Whole Person Education Program includes spiritual education for all ages from childhood to old age:

  • In terms of physical health: Inspire the public to trust the body's self-healing power.

  • In spiritual education: Respect each person's uniqueness, and guide learning belief to create the true meaning of reality.

  • It is planned to build the Seth body and mind healing community and Seth Academy to provide a source of peace and growth for all mankind.

Spititual teacher Seth

Seth is an enlightened spiritual teacher, a great speaker like Jesus and Buddha. He claims to be an "energy personality element" that no longer focuses on the physical form. Appeared on December 8th, 1963. On the 15th, when he entered the psychic state through the American female poet Jane Roberts, he dictated his teachings to her husband, Robert. Its content is broad, profound and thought-provoking, covering psychology, parapsychology, physics, medicine and other categories. It is the most original concept and the classic in the new era. All manuscripts are currently treasured in the library of Yale University in the United States.

"Consciousness creates form" is the first and most important message that Seth conveys, which, in simpler terms is that "Belief creates reality".

From 1963 until Jane's death in 1984, Jane dictated more than 900 sessions with Seth over a period of 21 years, completing in such order of Seth books " Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, The Unknown Reality, The Nature of the Psyche, The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Dreams, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment, The Magical Approach, and The Way Toward Health.”

Dr. Hsu Tien-sheng and Seth's Holistic Health Concept

Dr. Hsu Tien-sheng graduated from Taipei Medical College. He used to be a specialist in Family Medicine at Taipei Renai Hospital and a psychiatric specialist in Taipei Nursing Home. He is now the chairman of the New Era Seth Education Foundation, the dean of Seth Body and Soul Clinic, and The issuer of Sri Lanka's cultural business, dedicated to promoting Seth's concept of physical and mental health.

In addition to the orthodox medical background, Dr. Hsu has also studied the mind, body, mind, and holistic thinking for more than a decade, and he especially prefers Seth. He will delve into the experience of Seth in the past two decades, cooperate with life examples and clinical cases, and teach the "Seth mind method" at the China New Era Association in 1989 in an in-depth and concise way "Healthy Growth Group", "Beautiful Life Cancer Patient Growth Group" and "Seth Mind Training Class", and were invited to give lectures in counties and cities in the north, central and south of Taiwan, Hong Kong, the mainland, the United States, Canada and other places, every ㄧ The teachings of the mind-families received enthusiastic responses from audiences everywhere.

Dr. Hsu is trained in orthodox Western psychiatric medicine, but he is best at "psychiatric treatment without medicine." He ingeniously combined Seth's views, Dharma and psychotherapy theories in the field of Western psychiatry into one concise and easy-to-understand spiritual prescription. Dr. Hsu believes-"Your beliefs have created all events in your life", including diseases. Illness is a manifestation of inner mental distortions and conflicts, so the root of "treatment" disease must return to the essence of "body-mind balance", and this can be achieved through constant self-learning, awareness, and enlightenment.

Dr. Hsu has made outstanding achievements in the treatment of body, mind, and soul, especially specializing in the treatment of cancer and mental patients, and has developed a unique body and mind holistic medicine, creating a new hope for "healing". In addition, Dr. Hsu has all kinds of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, mental illnesses such as depression, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, epilepsy, dementia of the elderly, etc., as well as marriage, parent-child, work, immigration anxiety and other related symptoms. Has its own unique views and treatment.

The official website of the Seth Education Foundation in Taiwan is: (website in Chinese only).

Home: About the Foundation
Seth & Dr. Hsu

Book Club

Every week we organize a reading session of one of Seth´s books.

There is a session in English and in Chinese.

We read, explain, and discuss the material given by Seth during these sessions.

Also during these sessions personal problems, life questions, and off topic material is discussed to help each other towards a brighter future.

To join one of the sessions or to ask information about them, please send us a message at the bottom of this page. We are here for your questions!

If you want to order Seth books you can do this online at


Book Club
Meditation by the Sea

Group Meditation

Every week we organize a group meditation. 

We will teach you what meditation is, show the benefits, how to do it (at home), and show you how the group can make your meditation feel stronger than before.

Meditation builds awareness of your thoughts, emotions/feelings, and bodily sensations. It does this through consistent training.

Let's take mindfulness meditation for example. In this practice, you give your mind a specific job to do (e.g. focusing on the sensations of your breath.) This pulls your mind out of it's habitual state of constant processing in order to connect with the present moment.

Awareness is arguably the most important element of mindfulness.

Developing your awareness leads to improvements in many aspects of life, including focus, decision-making, patience, and stress-reduction.

When the weather permits it we will do the meditation outside under our big Magnolia tree.

Group Meditation

Testimonials of Group Members


For a long time, I am a person who likes to set goals and takes the accomplishment of them as my duty. I think everything that has nothing to do with the goal is a waste of life! Before the age of 30, I did rely on this "self-oppression" to get a lot of what I wanted.

However, there are no limits to desires and goals. To start my business, I put my children in the care of my parents and quarreled with my husband non stop. I invested all my time and money in the business for two to three years. The result: the project lost 200,000 euros, I am still entangled in debts and lawsuits, separated from my husband and divorced, my parents and children had a deep sense of anxiety and mistrust towards me, and my body suffered various pains, allergies, gastrointestinal problems. I am like a spinning top stuck in a vortex, busy dealing with various problems every day, and my brain is often "down".

In 2020, the Covid-19 epidemic swept across Europe, and my life was paused. After a few weeks of "escape from reality", I began to slowly ponder: Why did life become like this?

With this kind of spiritual question in mind, I saw a column in the "Phoenix Eurasia News paper", the theme was to pay attention to everyone's psychological problems during the epidemic. I immediately contacted the author of the article, Chen Mo. I made an appointment for my first spiritual quest.

To this day, I still deeply remember what Chen Mo asked me. At that time, my brain was blank and I couldn't find words to answer. She asked: "What are your feelings?" I was shocked at that time. I never seemed to have observed my feelings. I even rarely used words to express my feelings. I always narrate, then analyze, and then seek answers. Handle all aspects of life and work along logical lines.

When I first opened my heart and observed my feelings, I had a period of "emotional explosion". During this period, I was experiencing multiple pressures such as grabbing my husband back from another woman; supporting a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy alone; pacifying my parents and children's fear of the new epidemic and worrying about my life. Many problems in marriage, finances, and family relationships have emerged. The emotions accumulated over the years are like a volcanic eruption. The spray buried me, and I struggled to crawl out. But the next eruption was coming soon. Feelings of anger, despair, hatred, low self-esteem, begging, and wanting to live alternately, appeared repeatedly.

"I created my reality", this is a new turning point in thinking. After learning the teachings of Seth from Chen Mo, I realized that all this was my own choice. In order to prove the value of my existence, I desperately sought out a narrative. I wrote a tragic script so that everyone around me could cooperate with my performance in order to seek my superiority, control, value, identity, and security. However, people and things from the outside world cannot fill the void in a person's heart, and I feel more and more anxious. In the end, I decided to explore another world - that is my inner world.

Opening the door to another world, my curiosity was thoroughly stimulated: Seth information, beings, spiritual world, reincarnation, parallel universe, multi-dimensional space, vibration frequency corresponding to emotion, physical illness caused by emotion, The world composed of the seven chakras, the third eye, dream interpretation, meditation, channeling, prophecy, and energy... every new cognition draws me to learn more.

Now I am starting to look at the people and things around me from a different perspective. I watch the movies "Spiritual Journey", "Avatar", "Trumen's World" and so on with my children. I will use a spiritual perspective to explain the stories that happened in the movie, and the dialogue between my children and me makes me discover The child is the body that is more closely connected to the soul. My husband, my partners, and my friends, I began to truly understand their feelings. There are a lot of pains that are mutual, and a lot of past resentment has turned into sympathy.

My heartfelt thanks to Chen Mo: I walked into the world of body and soul. Thank yourself: I finally bid farewell to the past and started to walk towards the bright road. Thanks to all the students from Seth: Your energy has given me strength. Thanks to the people around me: I worked so hard to play a big drama with myself. thank you!



Stories that Seth and I have to tell 

Part I

At the turn of spring and summer of 2020, Chen Mo began to organize the Seth Book Club, and I immediately joined happily, because for me this book club was in line with the "time, place, and people".


Why I say that it conforms to "the right time"?

In 2017, I encountered the bitter reality of my husband cheating on me with my best friend. In 2018 I separated from him. In 2019, divorce proceedings began. In 2020, the marriage relationship had been officially dissolved. In the past four years, my heart was so miserable, but I could live like a normal person on the outside. My colleagues couldn’t even tell that I was divorced, because all the tears flowed to myself at night. The grievances were swallowed into my stomach. On the surface, I can do as usual, but the "unwillingness" in my heart is really bitter.

At the age of 18, I met my ex-husband. He was my first boyfriend and later became my husband and father of my two children. In order to be able to be with him, I gave up my good job in China, almost severed my mother-daughter relationship with my mother, and came to Belgium to study with him. During the 14 years in Belgium, I took a scholarship to support two people to study. Later, I worked. In order to help him start his own business, I devoted a lot of effort to help his company to florish. After the career stabilized, we gave birth to two children. Soon after the birth of the youngest son, he was with my best friend.

During the divorce process, my ex-husband’s dramatic changes surprised everyone. He had changed from a taciturn person to an aggressive talker; from a person who doesn’t care about gains and losses to a person who fights for nothing; from a family man to a castaway person...I am in pain, and that one is close to my heart. Why did my partner disappear overnight?

I used the perspective of "accusation" to describe this matter. I was simulating my thoughts two years ago. My husband, whom I was unwilling to fall in love with for 17 years, absolutely left me and was "fatal" in the divorce proceedings. More than two years after my separation, on the surface, I lived more fulfilling and happily than before. I made myself a "slash young man". I worked hard at multiple jobs and had contact with friends from different industries. I often came to talk. "Just go" travel... But none of this has changed my "fear" in my heart. The biggest shadow left to me by his departure is that I no longer believe in myself. I have lost confidence in my appearance, work ability, personality, and dealing with people. I totally denied myself and felt that I was useless. Otherwise, how could my ex-husband cheat and divorce? I even feel that I will wander on the streets, with no one to follow.

Just when I was desperately trying to catch it, but couldn't catch it, and couldn't change it, the reading club gave me a haven. I want to get out of the sea of ​​suffering through learning and communication. It appears at the right time, not too soon or too late.

Why do I say that it accords with the "right place"?


In the past few years, I have looked for many ways to break the game for myself. My relatives, friends, and experts are all in China, and there is no way to keep an eye on my changes and provide me with timely help. I never expected a group in Belgium to help me. When Chen Mo talked about holding a book club in Belgium, I was overjoyed and finally had a place where I could meet and exchange every week.

Why do I say that it accords with the "right people"?


In the spring of 2020, the Belgian new Covid-19 epidemic intensified, and many Chinese were panicked. One day, Chen Mo chatted with me on WeChat and said that she had written an article analyzing the truth of the epidemic and wanted to publish it in the "Chinese Business Times". Reluctantly, her view was too "radical" and was declined by the owner of that newspaper. Coincidentally, I took over as the media editor of "Phoenix Eurasia News paper" at the end of January 2020. I asked Chen Mo to send the article to me to see. After reading it, I felt that the viewpoints of this article were new, reasonable and shocking, so I immediately adopted it. After this article was published, I suggested that Chen Mo write a column and publish articles regularly. Chen Mo communicated with me on the format of the article and reached an agreement. I gave her all the freedom of the content of the article, and I believe that her future articles will surely be deafening masterpieces. Later, a reader contacted me and wanted to try physical and mental counseling. Soon after Chen Mo conducted one-on-one tutoring, she decided to set up a book club. It can be said that the encounter between Chen Mo and I in writing is a red line that guides us to continue our reading club. Writing and reading are in the same line and logically. I trust her 100% and like her articles, so I trust her book club 100% and like her interpretation.

Part II

The book club brought me unparalleled peace of mind and joy.

I clearly remember the first reading meeting. When I heard about human reincarnation and related facts, I couldn’t help but happily say: “Then, my mother has never left me. She has been looking at me and I can see it in the future. My mother is!" My mother's death made me feel heartbroken for ten years. I burst into tears every time I thought about it. In 2019, I wrote a letter to her. Although I couldn't post it, I was still willing to talk to her and tell her everything I had been holding back for nine years.

When I knew that the soul would live forever, I immediately felt relieved and felt so warm. In other words, what I said, what I did, the pain and joy I felt, my mother knew that she had never left me. This fundamentally cured my pain and dissatisfaction towards my mother's death. After half a year of study in the book club, I finally got out of the shadow of divorce at the end of November. The book club not only became a channel for my thoughts and emotions, but also gave me a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical methods. In the process of dredging, my mood became happy. In the further study, my heart became more and more peaceful and broader.

At an online book conference in November, Chen Mo asked me to try an "unbelievable" method to communicate with my ex-husband, so as to relieve my inner pain. She said: "You send a text message to your ex-husband, telling him that you still love him, and speak out all the love in your heart." After hearing this, I immediately said that it was impossible and did not approve of her proposal. I am a very rational person. Since my ex-husband cheated, I have not said "I love you" or "I can't live without you". In front of him, I was very calm, I didn't cry or make trouble, just talk about matters, and don't talk about feelings. I feel that I don’t need to let him know the grievances, pain, unwillingness, and anger in my heart. That's it, just solve the specific problem. All emotions are carried by myself.

Finally, Chen Mo said a word and got through my stuck point: "Let you say that you still love him, it doesn’t really mean you still love him. Maybe, after you say it, you realize that you didn’t love him a long time ago. Her words gave me an urge to try. Maybe, I really don't understand my heart. Through this "abnormal" attempt, I may discover the true thoughts in my heart. Another friend of the reading club also talked to me for a long time, encouraging me to tell me how I feel. That night, while writing a text message to my ex-husband, I cried and shed tears, as if turning all the bitterness of the past few years into tears and running away. After writing a few long text messages and saying everything I wanted to say in the past few years, my heart seemed to be ironed, warm and soft.

Another week later, when I was driving, I suddenly figured out the knots of the past few years, and felt the force that was pressing in my heart, turning into a plume of smoke, and drifting out of my shoulder blades. Since that day, my whole person has been relaxed, and finally I feel the joy I have been missing for a long time.

Part III

I am very grateful to every friend in the Seth Book Club for helping me untie the most painful knot and remove the heaviest pressure. In the process of studying Seth, I always held an attitude of conviction and opened my heart to face my own problems. To learn Seth is to know yourself. This aspect is the most lacking part of my previous life. I sincerely hope that through learning, I can understand myself better, have insight into others, and become a free person who does not live rough or trapped in the world.

Thursday, January 28, 2021 in Brussels, Belgium

Testimonial of the founder of the EU branche

This text was taken from the speech given by Mo Chen at the International Seth Conference in New York on April 6 2019.

who am I?

why should I still be alive in this world?

What is the meaning of my life?

Why so many zeros in my bank account cannot save me?

Why the doctor couldn’t help me?

I kept asking myself those questions after I was lying in bed for 3 months after my first delivery in 2010. The doctor in Belgium couldn’t find the cause of my pain,  the following years, In the daytime, I went to work as a normal person; at night, I was crying every day. I realized I got depressed.

In all the other people’s eyes, I am a successful woman, I have a high education, a well-paid job, high social status, a merry family, nobody understood why I was depressed..

During my 2nd pregnancy in 2013, I got panic attacks, I couldn’t breathe and had the feeling I was going to die several times per month.

On July 17 2017, I got another sentence by a Belgian doctor, she told me I have carcinoma in situ of cervix CIN3. In 90% of the cases, CIN3 patients will develop cancer in the uterus. In order to protect my life, the doctor advised me to remove my cervix and uterus.

In her eyes, my organ accomplished its task, I already had 2 kids at that time, so I don’t really need a womb anymore. This logic reminded me of the story of Angelina Jolie, she removed her breasts, because there was a 87% chance that she would get breast cancer. After a few years she removed her Ovary and oviduct because there was a 40% chance she would get cancer too.

I wonder if her doctor told her there will be 30% chance she will get brain cancer, will she remove her brain as well?

Fortunately I met Seth and Dr Hsu.

Seth said “ you create your own reality”,

Dr Hsu said “ cancer cells are created by yourself, if you can create cancer cells, you can also create good cells to replace them”.

After following the Seth course given by Dr Hsu, I realized that I am the person who lives for the sake of others. I am against my own will, and this was the price I paid.

Before I came in contact with the Seth material and Dr Hsu’s books, I was living like a programmed robot:


I was never the best student, but I kept trying to be the one.

I hated to play the piano, but to not disappoint my parents, I kept practicing at least 1 hour a day and 8 hours a day in all the holidays from 5 to 15 years old.

I didn´t like to study law, but I was told that to become a lawyer will bring me a lot of money.

I asked my husband everyday “ do you love me?” and each time he needs to give me a different reason why. But I was never satisfied by any of his answers.

After telling my story, Dr Hsu asked me: “are you still a human being? 

Are you willing to live for yourself?

Dare you to make a decision by heart, not by mind?

Dare you to face yourself?

Dare you lose control sometimes and try to connect to your inner self?”

I was there to ask a doctor’s help, but all I got were more questions and a lot of home work.

After a few month study, I knew that:

I keep trying to reach the expectations of my parents, because I am afraid to lose their love.

I keep asking my husband whether and why he loves me, is because I don’t love myself, if I don’t love myself, I will not love anyone, and I will not feel loved.

I made all the decisions by rational analysis, never followed my heart, because I don’t believe in myself.

I want to change, but how?

how to live for myself?

How to follow my heart?

How to listen to my inner self?

I have no clue.

We were taught to find methods, but we were never taught how to connect to ourselves.

The only prescription that Dr Hsu gave me was “reading Seth books, listening to my CDs”. I did follow his advice, I watch Seth-tv for 5-6 hours a day and doing meditation twice a day.

When I was reading Dr Hsu ‘s book “ the secret to healing cancer”, I was crying and reading at the same time.

Before Seth, I always thought it was my job that brought me negative energy, it were those clients that made me depressed, I wanted to quit my job.

After learning miracle approach, I spent more time to study Seth, to do non-productive activities, I limit my working time to one day per week without losing any income. I have less fear, I think different, act different, interact different, I am more open.

The miracle happened, on May 8 2018, my doctor in Belgium told me that all the bad cells disappeared, and till now, I have done 3 times regularly check, I am totally cured by myself.

Dr Hsu told us “to learn seth, to read seth books, is not meant to follow Seth or a master --Dr Hsu, you need to find your own path, and follow your heart.”

On July 21 2020 we organized our first Seth book club, the day of the beginning of the European Branch of Seth Education Foundation.

We read Seth books and Dr. Hsu’s books together; we organize Group meditation, we resonate together, we organize workshops, we laugh and cry together. Welcome to join our seth family, your spiritual family…… - Mo Chen


All book readings and meditation sessions are free of charge.

However, if you like to support our foundation you can make a donation to our bank account:

Account name: Seth Education Foundation (Europe) vzw

Account number: BE19 0019 7732 6812 (BNP Paribas Fortis)

Private counseling is possible at a charged fee, please send us a message for more information.

Contact us

..You are made of the stars in the sky,

You are beautiful,

You are not your mind,

You are not your body,

You are living, breathing, Conscious, Energy,

That is what unites all of us,

You are born equal, you are born free,

It doesnt matter which race you are, which religion you are,

what sex you are, It doesnt matter which orientation you have

This is your life,

And it is time to reclaim your life and understanding that

you are just an extention of that energy,

Can you feel the vibration when you are dancing together?

Feel the love of the world, feel the vibration,

Let the music speak to you, let it speak to every cell in your body

and feel you are conscious love,

You are consious energy and you are meant to be great,

So let us all rise and be great together..

Holding Hands


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